Roozbeh Bemani


Rouzbeh Bemani (born 28 November 1978 Tehran) is an Iranian poet and song writer. He started his career with the help of Behrouz Safarian and has worked with many well-known figures in Iranian music like Daryush Eghbali, Kaveh Yaghmai and Ehsan Khaje Amiri. Although he was born in a family with a little artistic background, he was very interested in art. As a teenager, he seriously pursued football and was even asked to join Iran’s Youth National Team; however, he left to study Metallurgy Engineering. After a while, he withdrew from this major and started studying Software Engineering. He has two bachelor’s degrees; one in Software Engineering, and the other in Persian Literature. His interest in Persian Literaure goes back to his teenage years. He enjoyed reading poems from Hafez and Sa’di but gradually became interested in New Poetry (Modern Persian Poetry) and poets like Akhavan Sales and Forough. At the age of eighteen, he wrote his first poem, which was a New Poetry, under the influence of Sohrab Sepehri and Shamlou, and at the age of nineteen, he wrote his first song.



Accessed Date: 28/10/2012