Shams Langroodi


Shams Langeroudi (born 1950 Langaroud) is an Iranian poet. He started writing poetry in the 70’s, and his first book of poetry, ‘Behaviour of Thirst’ was published in 1976. However, it was not until 1986 and after publication of ‘Ash and the Lady’ and ‘The Invisible Celebration,’ two poetry collections, that he rose to fame.

In the 80’s, years full of Socio-political ups and downs in Iran, he published four poetry collections such as ‘Ode to the Slashed Smile’. After ten years of silence, he published the poetry collection ‘Notes for the Wooden Nightingale’ in 2000. During the next ten years he breaks years of silence and inactivity, and publishes eight poetry collections such as ‘Fifty Three Love Songs,’ ‘Drawing Your Hands’ and ‘Night Is a Public Mask.’ Among the published poetry collections, ‘Twenty Two Elegies in Tir’ was published on the Internet. This collection consists of poems about the incidents that occurred after the presidential election and especially after Neda Aghasoltan’s death in 2009.



Accessed Date: 28/10/2012