Yaghma Golrooei


Yaghma Golroui (born 28 July 1975, Oroumieh) is an Iranian poet, song writer, writer and translator. In 14 January 2013 he said goodbye to art and literature, not being happy with Iran’s artistic and literary conditions and while suffering from lung problems.

He has published poems and stories and also translated poems, script, etc. Many great Iranian singers have sung his songs. The song ‘Hich, Hich, Hich’ (Nothing, Nothing, Nothig), sang by Shahin Najafi, is a different song compared to his other songs, and ‘Tasavor Kon’ (Imagine), sung by Siavash Ghomeishi in ‘Rouzhaye Bikhatere’ (Days Without Memories), is one of Golroui’s most popular songs.



Accessed Date: 2/11/2012