Iraj Janati Ataei


Iraj Janati Atai (born 9 January 1947) is an Iranian song writer, playwright and director who co-founded ‘Mazdak’ Theatre Group. He has studied art in the Dramatic Arts Faculty of Tehran University and Chelsea College of Art and Design of London University. He was awarded Forough Literary Prize for the artistic and social value of his songs, and his efforts in provoking thoughts and development of culture through music in 1972; however, he rejected the prize as an objection to the way nominees were selected.

The memorable songs ‘Gol e Sorkh’ (Red Flower), ‘Jangal’ (Jungle), ‘khoune’ (Home) and many others are among those which have made Iraj Janati Atai a prominent figure in contemporary song writing.



Accessed Date: 28/10/2012