Hasan Shamaeizadeh


Hassan Shamaizadeh started composing in 1972. From the very beginning, making beautiful and memorabl e melodies was important to him and his talent soon made him a popular figure among other composers of the time. Many famous contemporary singers, like Googoosh, Daryush, Ebi, etc. eagerly sought to sing songs composed by him. He has composed a massive collection of over 600 songs, 150 of which were hits. Songs like the 1973 epic ballad ‘Jaddeh’ (The Road) and 1974's ‘Kooh’ (The Mountain) are among the hit songs.  Doubtless, the songs he has made had a great impact on pop music both before and after the 1979 Revolution of Iran.

Shamaizadeh has made a few songs in solidarity with the Green Movement.



Accessed Date: 28/10/2012