Soroush Lashgari (born 7 May 1985, Tehran), under the stage name of Hichkas, is one of the pioneers of rap music and ‘street rap’ in Iran.  He was refused the permission for his first album, ‘The Asphalt Jungle’, by the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance because of its western style and had to eventually release it as an underground album on the internet.  Unlike other underground singers, he recorded some video clips on the streets in Tehran which is an illegal act that can lead to a prison sentence. At the beginning of 2008, Hichkas was arrested, accused of releasing music without permission, and was released on bail of 5 million Rials and ordered not to sing unpermitted rap music.

During the protests following the Iranian election in 2009, he released a song, ‘A Good Day Will Come’ which became hugely popular amongst the Green Movement followers.



Accessed Date: 2/11/2012