15 June 2009

Widespread Rally of the Greens from Revolution Square to Freedom Square

On the morning of 15 June 2009 military services attacked Tehran and Shiraz universities’ dormitories, along with some other universities. Some of the students had been beaten or arrested and the dormitories were heavily damaged. Based on eyewitness accounts and some students’ resources, this incident resulted in some students being killed, and about 60 students being arrested, tortured and harassed; however, authorities denied the massacre.

During the afternoon, in Tehran, millions of protesters, who conquered Azadi St. formed the most widespread rally against the government since the Islamic revolution in 1979. Mousavi and Khatami (former reformist president) attended the rally and spoke to the protesters. Eventually, this peaceful rally transformed into an aggressive confrontation and after a conflict in front of a Basij’s basement they opened fire on people. National radio and television confirmed 7 deaths on this day. At the same time, in France, England and Canada, Iranians continued their rally on the streets.


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