“The Calendar is making me crazy! I feel cold! It’s great that you collected these information… We are the future… we and our children… We’ll make better days” (Maliheh)


“Just Awesome! Very impressive. What a pleasant surprise! It is a great artwork itself. This site is well designed and after completion it will become a great collection of art works during an important period of the Iranian history. Congratulations for a job well done” (Reza)


“A friend of mine sent your website’s address to me. I spent lots of time there. It’s just great. Excellent. Good on you. If I can do something, just let me know. Thanks” (Mohsen)


“This great resource made me so happy. I hope you do not give up and complete it. It would be great if I could help. I can give you some of my writings. You can use them if you want. I was in solidarity confinement for a while in 2009 and then was sent to political ward and so on… I wrote some stories and notes during that time which were published here and there…” (Davood)


“I wanted to thank you for your valuable website; it’s really beautiful. Dear friend, as a designer I made some posters for the Green Movement as well; published them in different websites including Kalameh, Jaras and Green Voice of Freedom anonymously. May I send them to you? You can use them in your website if you want.” (Mohamad)


“I am not an artist at all; however, after Sane Jaale and Mohamad Mokhtari were killed I designed simple illustrations by my computer and shared them with my Facebook friends. I did it again after Ezatllah Sahabi passed away and her daughter was killed. If you give me your email address I will send them to you. Use them if you like.” (Ali)


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