About Us

The Greens’ Art website is part of a research project. The purpose of the site is to collect and exhibit the Iranian Green Movement’s artworks as a recent case study in the history of protest art.

The website is non-commercial and is not associated with any government, political party, or lobbyist organisations.

The inclusion of an artist’s work does not constitute their endorsement of this research project.

Visitors will have a complete visual experience if they use Google Chrome.

Content warning:

This website contains images and videos that may be disturbing to some people.

Some content is unsuitable for children. Viewer discretion is advised.


Sister Projects:

Iran Green Poster

Iran Green Posters

In June 09, 2013 this project started its collaboration with the Greens’ Art research to improve and complete the ‘Posters and Illustrations’ section under an agreement.



After the website launched an independent researcher agreed to assist the Greens’ Art project to complete the artworks collection and information of the ‘Anti-Movement’ section under an agreement called Ammar.