Abjiz (The Sisters) is an Iranian musical band, by two sisters, based in Sweden. They are a pop-rock, reggae and fusion band and a translation of the lyrics of all their songs in Persian is available for their first two albums. The lyrics of the songs are by Melody Safavi, the older sister, and the music is by Safoura Safavi the younger sister. The band consists of Soufi Safavi, Melody and Safoura’s brother, Robin Cochrane, Scottish-Swedish, under the stage name of Ramin, on drums, Erland Hoffgard, Norwegian-Swedish, under the stage name of Ardalaan, on bass, Paulo Murga, Chilean, under the stage name of Pahlavan, on percussion and Johan Moberg, Swedish, under the stage name of Javan, on guitar. Abjiz were one of the bands who participated in the Iranian Intergalactic Musical Festival in 22 October 2006 that took place in Zaandam, the Netherlands.

The band performed the song ‘Biyaa’(Come on) during the protests following the Iranian election in 2009, and they made a video clip called ‘Man Baa To Hastam’ (I’m With You) following the protests on 27 December 2009 (10 Muharram, called Ashura, 1431 in Islamic calendar, which is a religious mourning day in Iran).



Accessed Date: 26/01/2013