Mostafa Badkoobei


Mostafa Badkoubei Hezavei (born 1949 Arak) is an Iranian journalist and poet. He graduated high school in the humanities in Arak and after he served his military service, went to Ferdowsi Univerity in Mashhad to study Persian Literature. Meanwhile he was working for Khorasan and Astan-e-Ghods-e-Razavi daily. Close to the Revolution in 1979, he was dismissed from all his positions and was imprisoned. He then moved to Tehran and continued his studies in the University and in Hawza Ilmiyya.

After the presidential election in 2009, he wrote some poems criticising the government and Ahmadinejad and supporting the protesters who were called ‘rioter’ by the government. He was arrested in 2011. Before being arrested, Badkoubei was running literary classes where he was teaching Rumi and Hafiz poetry.



Accessed Date: 2/11/2012