Hila Sedighi


Hila Sadighi (born 1985, Tehran), her parents moved to Istanbul, Turkey when she was one year old and stayed there until 1990 when they came back to Iran.  In 1999, when she was only in the first grade of high school, she, along with another student, became the honorary members on the Cultural Committee of Supreme Council of Education and remained in the position for 4 years. She continued her education and Graduated in Bachelor of Laws. When the literary association, Neyestan, was established in 2002, Hila became Iran’s youngest individual to be Secretary of the Council of a cultural-literary association.  In 2009 she was appointed as the editor of ‘Shahr e Bacheha’ (City of the Children) publication and collaborated in transforming Dr Shariati’s parent’s house to a museum.

She took part in Mir Hossein Mousavi’s presidential campaign. After the protests following the presidential election in 2009, she wrote some social-political poems, influences by Aref Ghazvini, and recited them in different literary communities. After the election, she was summoned to the court several times and her house was inspected many times. She was tried in branch 26 of Islamic Revolutionary Court and was sentenced to 4 months of prison as reported in the media.



Accessed Date: 31/10/2012