8 December 2009

Diffusion of Majid Tavakoli's Photos by Governmental Media

After Majid Tavakoli’s arrest, semi-official news websites including Fars News and Raja News published pictures of him dressed in women's clothing or "hijab," taken while he was in custody, claiming Tavakoli attempted to avoid arrest by dressing in "women's clothing". According to human rights activists however, eyewitnesses present at the time of his arrest "have denied all the news published by pro-Ahmadinejad media", and stated he was forced to put on the hijab by security forces to discredit and ridicule him.

In solidarity with Tavakoli, hundreds of Iranian men have posted pictures of themselves in Islamic hijab, on various websites, under the slogan, "Be a man". The campaign called for an end to mistreatment of Iranian prisoners including Tavakoli. Some of the website's readers also called the campaign a gesture of solidarity with Iranian women, who are compelled by law in Iran to wear the hijab.


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